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We're currently in a startup phase, but have enabled the forum. Our goal is to centralize the political conversation and return the traditional social media platforms to family and friendships. Sign up today and help start the conversation.
We hope to one day have active dialog from each congressional district in the United States. We have provided individual forums for each district in the country to enable dialog for congressional representatives.
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Survival Camps

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  • Survival Camps

    This is the first time I've heard about groups like this. Seems like a good business plan though. The camps are used for vacations/getaways and still serve a purpose during disaster and unrest. I'm not sure this election will be enough reason to activate these camps, but it will make for great training. The odds for unrest are pretty good, but I'm guessing it will be centralized in the downtown areas as usual.
    A chain of U.S. survival communities plan to activate and open to members for the first time over fears of violence following the presidential election on Nov. 3.